They might have been the worst of enemies. Some might even be harbouring grudges in within themselves for each other. But, to every rule there is an exception. The exception here had come.

Finally, the three enemies of PP, UDF and DPP who have always been on each others’ throat had found a common foe: the new and revamped MCP under Rev. Dr. Chakwera.

It was not an alliance per se that the three had gone into, it was a hasty understanding that was obviously not going for long. A short-time romance.

Throughout the weekend, it was observed on social media that the die-hards of the three parties were communicating one thing: Chakwera, and obviously MCP, has failed in the Southern region; his rallies had attracted little. A sign that the people do not like him and all the noise that greeted his coming on the scene was an euphoria that certainly was to die and now, it has died. Chakwera is no deal.

Instead of busy posting their party policies, the die-hards were posting photos of rallies of Chakwera which showed empty gaps, more like a Chrisian crusade hosted by a little known pastor.

Now that the weekend has gone, the unconventional marriage of the three is certainly bound to fall again and the bickering on each other will continue.

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