The mysteries around the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, Director of Budgeting in the Treasury, refuse to submerge as recent allegations indicate that his attack was meant at attempting to frame up Leston Mulli of the (in) famous Mulli Brothers Limited that has lately come under heavy squeezing from the government by mostly denying them government contracts.

According to one facebook post, the state President referred to Mulli when she indicated in her speech a day after the shooting that she knew who the attacker was.

After Mphwiyo was attacked, it was heavily believed and speculated that the attack had been because he was standing in the way of shoddy and corrupt deals of some corrupt individuals who wanted to get government contracts through the backdoor.

Recent revelations, however, have indicated that Mphwiyo had no capacity to act in that right and could not award contracts. Thus, implicating someone that he shot him for not offering him government tenders is a wide miscalculation.

Mulli, however, should not count himself lucky yet for the police have refused to reveal the identity of the three people said to be arrested in connection with the case.

Some commentators have said that the concealing of the identity of the three, if they do exist at all, is a deliberate ploy by the government to get to Mulli with the claim that the arrested have implicated him in the shooting.

Leston Mulli, a technically practising DPP politician, has suffered greater loss of business at the coming in of the PP regime.

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