Media reports indicate that files in the case in which some Democratic Progressive Party heavyweights and police officers were answering charges over the murder of Polytechnic student, Robert Chasowa, have gone missing both from the court and police archives.

According to the reports, the case has stalled just because the files of the case in which was all the evidence to use against the accused have grown wings and flown out of the places they were kept in. The development has been attributed to the exchange of money between the suspects and the people close to the prosecution of the case.

Meanwhile, it has been indicated that the Director of Public Prosecution, Bruno Kalemba, is livid at the police and the courts for letting the files grow wings and fly out of wherever they were kept and has instructed that fresh files be prepared in the soonest time possible.

Sources say the accused are preparing to appeal for a dismissal of the case and then claim money from government for damages

DPP regional governor for the South, Noel Masangwi, is one of those implicated in the case.

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