Controversial human rights activist, Seodi White, has called on President Joyce Banda to return from the US where she is to attend the UN General Assembly.

White, who has never been in good books with the JB regime, wrote on her Facebook page that with the current state of affairs in the nation, the state President should come back from her engagement and address the issue.

The two issues that have triggered her to call for the immediate return of the president are the corruption scandals that have involved civil servants and have had top government officials implicated in them; aside that, White also says that the harassment of Malawians at the hands of Tanzanian authorities and the threat of Malawians to exact revenge is another boiling issue.

Below is her post verbatim:

“I have a constitutional duty as a citizen of the Republic of Malawi to say this (some may call me enemy of the state): Malawi is facing the biggest corruption scandal ever. This scandal affects some of the highest offices in the land and needs to be taken very very very seriously.Second Malawi is facing the biggest diplomatic row ever. As I write truckloads of Malawians have been off loaded unceremoniously from Tanzania in Mzuzu and more are coming. Tanzanians trading in Malawi as the famous Taifas are now being chased off from the Mzuzu market. Both issues are very serious AND NEED Presidential intervention. The President must return forthwith from New York to deal with the two domestic crises. SIGNED. Tomorrow don’t say Seodi doesnt like JB. Ndakuuzani.”

However, basing on experience it is much more unlikely that the President will really return from her trip for earlier this year the President had to go ahead with her travel to Equatorial Guinea even though civil servants were striking with primary school pupils demonstrating, urging her to act on the plight of their teachers.

Come back home JB
Come back home JB

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