The current SADC chair who is also Malawi’s President, Joyce Banda, has disclosed that the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo worries her a lot. She disclosed this when she met the UN chief, Ban Ki Moon, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly which started on Monday, September 23, in New York.

While the SADC chair has a headache over DRC, ironically back home there are loud grumbles over her own populace on some burning issues that require her immediate attention and worries of which hunger, ‘xenophobic’ attacks on them by Tanzania and worsening corruption that has reached stinking levels are some of them.

The Joyce Banda government back home announced that it will be rationing maize (the staple food) to people as there is not enough in stock. In addition to that, just the very same day the summit was to be underway in the US, Malawians were being chased off from Tanzania on the pretext of being their illegally yet the manner in which most of them recounted their ordeals left a lot to be desired if it really was not something driving the Tanzanians to handle the illegal Malawians that way.

At the same time, corruption has reached stinking levels in within the regime such that people have suggested that this is the most corrupt regime ever especially basing on the time it has been in government and the scandals attached to its name.

Worried over DRC
Worried over DRC

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