There is a simmering tension at the Mzuzu’s Taifa market which was a scene of high tensions yesterday after some Malawians had threatened to attack the Tanzanians who ply their trade their following attacks of Malawians in Tanzania.

Yesterday, truckloads of Malawians were offloaded into the nation from Tanzania with some recounting scenes of violence that precipitated their coming here. Others were even reporting rape. Reports were that the Malawians were being targeted over the Lake wrangle even though Tanzanian authorities argued that it was because of a routine cleanup exercise that the Malawians were chased and it was only those with no permits to stay in the country that were chased.

However, on seeing the Malawians pouring into the country yesterday and hearing their tales, Malawians in the Northern region of Mzuzu were incensed such that they had to threaten a revenge on the Tanzanians living in the city especially by targeting the Taifa market that is dominated by them.

The police kept vigil at the market last night and no incident happened.

Reports coming in this morning indicates that the building up tension that was there last night is gradually simmering even though some business people are afraid of opening up their shops in the market.

Having some uneasy tension
Having some uneasy tension

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