For those conversant with History will remember that in the early days of Bingu wa Mutharika as the president of this nation, there was a talk on curbing out corruption. There was a famous case in which the key witness was Peter Mulamba, that was before he went missing.

Then, he went missing. That was the end of the case.

That trail now appear to have been taken in a new form. Another suspect in the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, Pika Manondo, has vanished into thin air. Now, the international police is all over the place searching for him with the hope that he be found and add on the jigsaw puzzle of the shooting.

According to the website of Interpol, Manondo is wanted for attempted murder. The site also have other descriptions that might be used in tracing him.

For now, one can only hope that history will not repeat itself.

Fugitive Manondo
Fugitive Manondo

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