A Mzuzu based prophet, Bentry Chawinga, has predicted that 2014 Presidency is for a man, not a woman.

The Prophet disclosed this in Mzuzu at Mimosa Motel where he held a meetimng under the theme ‘Sharing God’s vision in 2014’.

The man of God said that a nation being ruled by a woman is under a curse and it is a symbol of wickedness. According to him, and his interpretation of the Bible, God is purging Malawi clean of that curse and wickedness come 2014.

However, Prophet Chawinga did not stop there but put across what God has as well shared of the same 2014.

“A man not from the South will win the 2014 elections,” said the Prophet.

Thus, if one is to interpret his prophecy then it means for now Peter Mutharika of the DPP, Atupele Muluzi of UDF and Joyce Banda of the PP should not bother themselves with contesting in next year’s elections but rather keep themselves busy with other things.

Probably, if God really trusted this man from Mzuzu with his words, then Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera must be having a field day smiling. But then, there also is James Nyondo of NASAF who also is not from the South.

Prophet says he might win elections
Prophet says he might win elections

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