A scorned young woman has been arrested in Hong Kong after she repeatedly slapped her boyfriend over his alleged infidelity as he knelt in a public street.

The woman, who has only been identified as Cheng, 20, accused her 23-year-old boyfriend Chui of taking another woman back to his apartment, the South China Morning Post reports.

In a video of the dramatic encounter, which took place on Friday afternoon, Chui can be seen pleading his innocence on his knees as his girlfriend interrogates him, refusing to accept his answers.

The woman he is accused of taking back to his flat watches the fiery exchange, occasionally intervening to parry Cheng’s slaps.

“Listen to me first before beating me,” he begs. “I told her not to come.”

After a few minutes, the scene turned even more bizarre as a group of bystanders joined in the domestic dispute, offering advice and urging Chui to get off his knees.

Police eventually intervened and arrested Cheng.

“Police who arrived at the scene arrested a female, aged 20 and surnamed Cheng, for common assault,” Hong Kong police said in a statement.

“A victim, aged 23 and surnamed Chui, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.”

It is unclear if the couple have since resolved their differences or if last week’s dispute marked the bitter end of the relationship.

Source: South China Morning Post

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