The United Kingdom, one of Malawi’s major donor partners, has joined the Europen Union in withholding their aid in view of the Capital Hill cash massacre fiasco.

Reports that FaceofMalawi has indicate that the Britons have decided to do it secretly while at the same time have promised Malawi that they will send in their forensic auditors.

According to media reports today, Britain is expected to fly in its forensic auditors next week who will work hand in hand with the office of the Auditor General.

The auditors are expected to audit the Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMS) which has been attributed as to have encouraged the looting at the seat of government that left many an accountant rich beyond their reach at the Capitol Hill.

The Malawi President, Joyce Banda, said upon her return from the US that she has sought assistance from Malawi’s traditional donor partners to help in auditing the Capitol Hill offices.

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