Army teams have at least swallowed their pride and expressed their apologies to Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers after it was established that the hostility between the army teams and civilian teams that has witnessed a resurgence of violence on the local football scene was caused by civilian retaliation to roughing up of team players and supporters every time they visit the army teams backyard.

The apologies were issued out at a consultative meeting organized by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) together with Super League Of Malawi (SULOM) which brought together administrative representatives of Kamuzu Barracks and Mafco on the part of the army teams and Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers on the part of the civilian teams.

It was established at the meeting that failure to take action by SULOM when Wanderers and Bullets players and supporters were manhandled when they visited Mafco’s Chitowe stadium and Kamuzu Barracks’ home ground, Dedza stadium. It was said that the civilian teams have just resorted to be venting their anger on the army teams by themselves.

The representatives of the two teams then apologized to the offended parties.

Meanwhile, FAM and SULOM have said they will reproduce a joint statement that will be signed by the two parties which will also have a code of conduct to see to it that violence is avoided.

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