He is back. Tay Grin is back. The Nyau King, having admirers and haters alike, has announced his come back in a fashion. A strange fashion.

Away from the fusion of traditional Sena jazz and his Hip-hop he did in the remix of Lucky Stars’ Chinafuna m’bale, Tay Grin has done another remix again and this time it is with an international singer many of his critics who even go in studios to sing about him can dream of: Nyanda of the Brick and Lace label, the duo famed for their song, Love is wicked.

In a new release from the man behind the Black Rhino label, Tay Grin has partnered with the Jamaican Nyanda to give out one of the songs the local fans of both him and Brick n’ Lace or either of the two are meant to enjoy.

The song, Slippery when wet, starts with a trademark soft voice of Nyanda that is overtaken in moments by the Nyau King’s rap of him being a King back in Africa.

A fusion of both Hip-hop and some elements of Dancehall, Slippery when wet remix, is one song that is promising to have people dancing to it in fun places and have it in their ‘record players’ for personal enjoyment as it brings a diverse touch to Brick n’ Lace and Tay Grin’s distinct trademarks.

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