The remarks made by a Mangochi sheikh, Mdala Ali Tambuli., that gays need to be accepted as they are has attracted him some fiery comments from the Muslim community such that on Saturday the Sheikh had to run to radio Islam to clarify his remarks over the homosexuals stance he took claiming he was misquoted by the journalist who reported the issue.

While the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) released a press statement condemning the remarks, some followers of the Islamic faith went to social media to call the Sheikh by names that ranged from a pig to a castrated moron who does not think.

According to the observations made by FaceofMalawi, the Sheikh has faced a wide condemnation from each and every sector of the Muslim faith even though his stance was backed up by the Center for the Development of the People (CEDEP) which promotes gay rights.

While MAM indicated that the suitable punishment of gays is death, others wondered why even the Sheikh was found at the workshop in the first place.

“Homosexuality has got nothing to do with gays in Islam and as a Muslim cleric he never had to even attend that function, Muslims have nothing to discuss on gays, their stand is final and is in the Quran, gays deserve death,” wrote one angry Muslim on the social networking site of Facebook.

The reaction by the Muslim community just shows how long of a journey that gays and lesbians have to cover for them to be accepted, if they will ever be accepted.

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