Mysterious beings invading football stadiums are aliens


A group of eleven men sending mysterious messages and appearing in football stadiums watching football matches are aliens, it has been widely circulated.

The men who have so far been spotted in Germany and England watching league matches in the mentioned countries have been spotted dressed in an all black attire with black hoodies and a symbol that registers #Winner takes earth on their attire.

It has been alleged that the eleven have challenged human beings to a football match in which the one who wins will take the earth. It is said that the aliens have indicated that if they get to win the match then they are going to destroy the earth.

It is yet to be known when the match will be played and where it will be hosted.

However, people are supposed to not panic as this is believed to be a hoax by the Brazilians aimed at creating much pomp in readiness for the 2014 World Cup they will be hosting.


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