Dedza Police Station is keeping a man in its custody for allegedly giving false information implicating state President Joyce Banda for him not to pay tax.

According to the information gathered, on 28th October, 2013, Kondwani Ngwira who is in a vehicle spare parts businessman was arrested at Dedza Boarder when he wanted to pass the boarder without paying his duty for the spare parts he had bought in South Africa.

It all started when MRA officers wanted their duty for the goods the Mzimba business man had bought from South Africa, the man (Kondwani Ngwira) told the officers that the goods which he was carrying were not his but for the president hence he had to be Tax exempted as he was just a carrier and the spares belonged to the President which resulted in his arrest.

“We can confirm that Mr. Kondwani Ngwira has been arrested for giving false information to be tax exempted on his goods, after we interrogated him he has denied to have said the goods belonged to President Joyce Banda rather he told to us that the he got the capital to start his business from President Joyce Banda,” said Sergeant Edward Kabango who is the spokesperson for Dedza Police Station.

The offense carries a maximum sentence of 3 years if proven guilty by a court of law. This is not the first time for Joyce Banda to be implicated by businessmen as some few months ago another man was caught with bags of Indian hemp in his vehicle by the police and when he was questioned “the Chamba Transporter” said the Indian hemp belonged to the president.

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