JB hangs herself in Cash-gate arrests

It looks the noose is getting tighter for disgraced Malawi President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda.

We have just established that one of the latest five arrested people in the ‘Capital Hill Cash-Gate Scandal’ Caroline Savala is in fact a girlfriend to the first couple’s first born son, Geoff Kachale.

Kachale, a former barman running a bottle store in the volatile Ndirande Township in the commercial city, Blantyre now turned billionaire after his mother became President of Malawi in April, 2012 has been dating Caroline Savala for almost one year now.

Although people talk of beauty and the beast love affair between Geoff Kachale and Caroline Savala, money has bonded the two into one of the hottest love affairs being talked about in Malawi cities in recent months.

Caroline driving the latest mode of BMW in the administrative capital, Lilongwe, was arrested by Police at the weekend on suspicion of receiving government money for services they did not undertake.

According to Police Deputy National Spokesperson, Kelvin Maigwa, Savala got into her bank accounts a whopping MK49 million without providing any service or selling anything to government.

Her close relation, Lora Savala was also arrested for obtaining MK160 million from government for doing nothing with government.

It is not known how President Joyce Banda may now react to this news now that her soon-to-be daughter in-law has been caught in her own web.


One thought on “JB hangs herself in Cash-gate arrests

  1. Another paper with false reporting. Fact is – Caroline Savala and Geoff Kachale are not an item
    In this regard, you will be sued for slander and defamation.
    This page has been copied accordingly.


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