A case in which DPP Presidential candidate for the 2014 tripartite elections, Peter Mutharika, together with some other DPP gurus are accused of treason and other offenses has been adjourned to Wednesday next week.

The case appeared this morning before Judge Ivy Kamanga of the Lilongwe High Court.

Today was the day for taking plea and Mutharika together with all his alleged accomplices took a no guilty plea to the charges that were brought before them including two of mutiny and providing false information to a head of state that were brought on the charge sheet just today.

However, the court session was not short of drama as at some point the court had to adjourn for some thirty minutes as the defense team threw out the charge sheet brought by Director of Public Prosecution, Bruno Kalemba, for being a dummy such that the judge was forced to adjourn the session so as to have the sheet properly sorted out.

Before proceeding, Judge Ivy Kamanga had to ask for confidence from the two teams as she claimed having some sort of connection to either of the parties. She then recused herself from the case.

Mutharika and four others are being accused of planning to take over government after the death of his brother on April 6 among other charges.

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