Suspect in the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo whom it was alleged was being coerced into admitting that he was sent by Ralph Kasambara to assassinate the budget director and then get a plea bargain from government has been transferred to a prison in Kasungu, FaceofMalawi understands.

According to information in our custody, Manondo has been held at Matchaya prison in the central region district since Friday, November 15. The reasons for his transfer are not really known but rumors are that government has not yet given up on its idea to have him implicate Kasambara so that government manages to completely shut up the former minister of justice.

Manondo, together with his brother Dauka, have both been implicated in the shooting of the Budget Director which consequently saw the sad development of what is now called the Cash-gate scandal that has led to donor partners freezing their aid contributions to Malawi.


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