South African President, Jacob Zuma, who a month ago used Malawi as an example in bad light has said that relations between Malawi and South Africa remain cordial despite his disparaging remarks about Malawi and its roads.

Zuma said this last Friday in a written response to Parliament when he was quizzed over the same issue.

Zuma indicated that his remarks had not affected the relationship that was prevalent between the two countries and that Malawi and South Africa will continue to work together as partners even in the light of such remarks.

In October, Zuma said:

“We can’t think like Africans, in Africa, generally. We are in Johannesburg, this is Johannesburg. It’s not some national road in Malawi.”

According to Zuma, after he gave his apology through his spokesperson to the Malawi government, they have not received any further correspondence.

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