Shot director of budgeting in the Ministry of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo, has rubbished claims that the wealth which he possesses was obtained from illegal dealings.

Speaking to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, Mphwiyo who has just returned from South Africa where he was flown to after surviving an assassination attempt by yet to be condemned assailants, the 37 year old said that he has worked in the civil service for 15 years and it was therefore ridiculous for people to assume that he will not manage to amass wealth in such a period of time.

“The problem we have in Malawi is that success is not a common phenomenon. People expect me not to be rich simply because I am 37,” said Mphwiyo.

Mphwiyo’s shooting opened a can of worms in what has been termed the Cashgate scandal which exposed massive looting at the Capital hill.

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