Dear Pastor Ziba, the founder of Fountain of victory Ministries.

For some time now you have been running adverts on TV and radio inviting people to come to Fountain of Victory annual crusade taking place at Kamuzu stadium, I would like thank you for your generosity, the Bible commands us to take the gospel to all the people, of all tribes.

In your adverts Pastor, you have promised people miracles, you have said the dead bodies will be raised back to life, thank you Pastor for your generosity I also believe in miracles ( in fact I was once dead in transgressions and Jesus raised me up)

I would like to humbly make a suggestion Pastor, instead of asking people to carry dead bodies to Kamuzu stadium, would you consider sparing some time and visit the mortuary at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and pray for the dead bodies there I think this is simple and easy, Queen Elizabeth Hospital is not far from reach. carrying dead bodies to Kamuzu stadium will make the whole service chaotic and probably expensive for the bereaved families.

In case you are not aware Sir, our hero Nelson Mandera is dead would you consider travelling to South Africa and raise him. I would appreciate if you do it quickly before he is buried.

I believe your miracles promises are not just advertisement gimmicks, just to woo people to the crusade.

Yours faithfully,

Phenious Chuma.

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