The revelations on President Banda’s clastine activities are suddenly growing into another realm with each and every passing hour, just a few days after FaceofMalawi established that the President is establishing a Radio station and just hours after we as well revealed that she is chartering the same Presidential jet she claimed to have sold, we have yet another revelation.

Reports we have gotten indicate that the state of the art stadium project that was being done in Lilongwe has been stalled with the resources re-channeled to one of President Banda’s projects: building of flats close to the stadium.

According to the information in our custody, President Banda and her associates are the ones who own the flats and have, so far, redirected man-power resources to the construction of the flats and thereby stalling the stadium project.

Unlike in other construction projects where there are signs indicating what is being done and who are the contractors among other important information, this project has just taken off with none of those.

Other reports indicate that the President is as well erecting a state of the art filling station in the Capital city, at the Lilongwe city centre round about.

Just last week, President Banda was implicated in the Cashgate scandal by a Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) officer, Peter Chinoko.

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