A Malawian witch doctor, Dr. Calvin Banenai Chinkhombe, is expected to appear today in a Namibian Magistrate court in Katima Mulilo, Namibia. The Malawian Witch doctor has been arrested in connection to a MWK 175 million heist that also saw a security guard being picked up in a sting operation by the Namibian Protection Services (NPS). NPS raided the Malawian witchdoctors flat in Kabeljou Street in Kuisebmond.

Dr. Chinkhombe was arrested at the Wenela border post in the Zambezi region on Saturday while trying to cross into Zambia with MWK 33.6 million in cash.

The Malaiwian witchdoctor, Dr. Chinkhombe, and his accomplice, Sylvester Kopani have been accused of stealing MWK73.5 million in cash and MWK 102 million in cheques from safety boxes from several businesses in Walvis Bay.

The NPS recovered two Samsung smartphones as well as a calculator that was used to count the stolen money. The Protection service also recovered MWK 73.5 million.

The affected businesses in the “Magic operation” were Shoprite, AutoZone, Erongo Red, Metro Cash and Carry, Namibian Housing Enterprise (NHE) and Inland Revenue at the coast.

Dr Calvin Chinkhomba who is said to be a very experienced witchdoctor had managed to escape the NPS sting operation using his “juju” expertise but the Namibian security guard eventually could not take the pressure from an NPS interrogation and he snitched on the Malawian witchdoctor who was arrested at Wenela on his way to business in Zambia.

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