Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South who is also the Minister on Information and is planning to relocate to Dedza South, Moses Kunkuyu, had a nightmare during the day in the week when the constituents from the area chased him away claiming they did not want to see him in the area campaigning.

Kunkuyu, a member of the Peoples’ Party, has abandoned his Blantyre City South constituency from which some chiefs a few months ago accused him of diverting the funds meant for development there and being taken to Dedza South.

Since 1964, Dedza South has been represented by Malawi Congress Party former President and veteran politician, John Tembo, who announced this year that he will be quitting front-line politics come 2014 and will not contest in the elections on any position.

The members of the area are yet to shake off the love they have for MCP such that the presence of Kunkuyu irked them.

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