“PP should stop blaming DPP over cashgate, it started with them,” says Kasambara.


He is out in full force, ready to vindicate those whom he worked with before they later pounced on him with a fury – that is Ralph Kasambara, the embattled Director of legal affairs of the Peoples’ Party and former justice minister who, at a personal level, was very close to the President.

On 28th December, at a rally in Nkhata Bay North West where he wants to contest for the Parliamentary seat, Kasambara went flat out attacking the PP on the Cashgate scandal.

Kasambara who had told the media that he would talk on the issue when his time comes seems to have found his time at last, over the weekend.

Kasambara told the people gathered that it was a blue lie for the PP regime to be accusing the DPP regime over the Cashgate scandal.

“It is the PP that has started all this,” Kasambara was quoted as saying. “There are people in the party who have become instant millionaires and some even have billions within the same party, ask me. They have all been accumulated within the short period of time.”

Kasambara threatened to divulge it all if the government continues to persecute him.

Kasambara is as well a representative of one of the Cashgate suspects and himself is accused of conspiring to murder Mr. Paul Mphwiyo, a former budget director in the ministry of finance.

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