A grouping of some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating under the banner of Forum for National Development (FOND) this morning surrendered a petition to the government through Lilongwe city’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) calling on them to speed up investigations into the allegations that some DPP big wigs bought houses illegally in the DPP era.

In the petition, FOND is calling on the government to take to task the DPP leader, Peter Mutharika, and his ally, George Chaponda, who are involved in the Malawi Housing houses scam.

It has been alleged that Mutharika and Chaponda bought the houses at a lower market value than the intended one using their influence as ministers at that time. However, the two have claimed that the purchase was legal.

FOND has, however, urged the government to speed up investigations into the issue and bring the two to book if they be found that they contravened the laws of the land in their purchase.

Mutharika is already battling in court with the government over a case in which he is accused of attempting to overthrow the government at the time of his brother’s death in the April of 2012 together with five other people.

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