Small manhood? Do not worry, do not rush to the native doctor, God can enlarge that. If you doubt, then it is because you have never met Prophet Makandiwa of Zimbabwe.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, leader United Family International Church (UFIC) has a reputation of performing astounding miracles, but none of them is in the realm of the one witnessed a few minutes into the New Year by an estimated 50 000 congregants in Chitungwiza.

Prophet Makandiwa, who insists that he is just a tool used by the Holy Spirit, has made the lame walk, changed the status of people living with HIV through prayer as well as helped hundreds of couples conceive, his church claims.

As a result of the miracles, UFIC prides itself as the church of miracles and one would expect congregants to be used to the “wonders” that characterise all their services.

However, awe was written on all faces a few minutes into 2014 when Prophet Makandiwa broke new ground by performing a miracle that saw a congregant who had traveled from Namibia having his reproductive organ grow.

It was a male organ enlargement miracle! The man took advantage of a fired-up Prophet Makandiwa’s call for people with critical conditions to come forward and get delivered.

“This anointing is too much . . . I want people with critical conditions,” said the UFIC leader.

And within seconds a pastor in the church said, “Man of God, this man here says he wants to marry, but he does not have the confidence to do so because his male organ is small . . . he says it’s the size of a two-year-old’s.”

Interpreter Pastor Prime Kufa’s bid to translate what had just been said into Shona was cut short by Prophet Makandiwa.

“It’s okay. There is no need to translate,” said Prophet Makandiwa before turning to the man who was seeking divine intervention.

“Do you believe Jesus is able?” he asked.

“Yes, I believe,” answered the man.

A stretch of the hand by Prophet Makandiwa saw the man tumbling to the ground.

“First month grow, second month grow, third month grow, fourth month grow, fifth month . . . mmmm, stop,” said the UFIC leader amid wild shouts from the packed church.

Apart from the male organ enlargement issue, the other “critical” issues that the youthful prophet prayed for include “casting out the HIV demon” and overdue pregnancies.

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