Disgruntled Minister of lands, Henry Phoya, who lost primaries to Steve Mijiga in the Blantyre Rural East Constituency is seeking a re-run, FaceofMalawi understands.

Information with us indicates that Phoya is seeking a re-run after PP official results declared him a loser to Mr Mijiga. He had actually come on a distant third after the number two spot was obtained by Malawi Writers Union President, Sambalikagwa Mvona.

Phoya had been declared winner earlier with over 5,000 votes before it was later discovered that he had rigged the results in his favour using the aid of some officials of the party.

However, his rigging tactics were later discovered and it was then that it was revealed that he had amassed votes below 5,000 and had been slapped in the face by Steve Nijiga.

Phoya is now using his influence as Minister and leader of the house to have a re-run where he can have a clear strategy for rigging after discovering that his last ploy has landed him in irreparable shame.

It is not known if the party will bend towards Phoya’s wishes who is praying that the re-run be conducted this Sunday.

A veteran politician, Phoya has been a member of the constituency since 1994.

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