Kaliati’s tongue out of bounds again, spits venom at JB’s leg problems


Outspoken ex-minister of Information in the Bingu wa Mutharika regime, Patricia Kaliati, has unleashed her tongue again and this time on none other than the President herself.

Kaliati who is in court answering charges of treason together with five other people that include the DPP leader, Peter Mutharika, and another of abuse in office yesterday cast all caution to the wind when she decided to take on the President and take a little mile within and without the confines of freedom of expression.

Speaking at a press briefing the party had organized for the leader of their party to speak to the members of the press, Kaliati, decided to take a step in cautioning the members of the press who, on Saturday, had written that the DPP leader is sick and is seeking medical attention.

“You members of the press who write that the DPP leader is sick, I have a question for you,” said Kaliati. “Between a person who needs aid to jump into and out of a car and one who just jumps out of the car on his own, which one is sick?

“By the way, Professor (Peter Mutharika) jumps in and out of the car on his own, requiring no ‘ladders’ as others do. Anyway, isn’t it that those who are sick go to T.B Johua?”

Without mentioning any name, Kaliati had delivered his punch to the President who needs aid from an executive stool to jump into and out of a car. The President as well finished last year with a visit to T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations.

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