In the wake of reports of the resignation of Peoples’ Party (PP) Vice-President for the South, Sidik Mia’s resignation, the allegiance to the party of its deputy spokespersons Ken Msonda has been queried.

Msonda was at the press briefing at which Mia made his announcement that he had resigned from the party, a situation that has made people be suspicious.

Soon after Mia’s announcement and taking leave of the room, Msonda addressed journalists and pleaded with the President to consider talking with Mia claiming that it was a hard blow to the party.

Msonda further said that the leaving of two Vice presidents in a matter of weeks was a sure sign that things were not well in the ruling party.

His remarks have, therefore, led people to question the allegiance of him towards the party. Msonda had already been linked with a movement out of the party after losing his Primary elections but he had denied the allegations and had gone further to withdraw his case against the results of the elections.

Reports indicate that Mia is not alone in defecting from the PP but there are other senior members as well to follow him.

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