It certainly is not a tale of Jesus Christ who was denied three times by his comrade, Peter, but chiefs in the lower shire have asserted that they are not behind Sidik Mia.

The development comes hot on the heels of information indicating that Mia was moving with him from the PP to his new party with a horde of supporters including traditional leaders from the lower shire.

However, the chiefs have said that Mia’s decision was made on his own volition and is not a representative of the whole party.

Reports have indicated that Mia is set to move to the MCP where he will have to partner with Lazarus Chakwera as a running mate on the grounds that he has promised to bring with him votes from the lower shire valley where he has been considered as a political gladiator.

Some reports have further alleged that Mia bought his way for the Vice Presidency of the Malawi Congress Party. However, up to date Mia has not disclosed his next political move.

Some people have indicated that there are politicians who are pressuring the chiefs to come in the open and disown Mia.

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