President Joyce Banda has finally declared war on her Vice President who is also the Vice President of her Peoples’ Party (PP), Khumbo Kachali, barely days after dropping him off for a running mate position and then settling for Sosten Gwengwe.

Despite President Banda indicating that it had been by a mutual consent that she had dropped off Kachali as a running mate, the signs have started emerging that Banda’s decision was not by consent.

Yesterday, the President averted mentioning Khumbo Kachali in her protocol salutations at an event they both attended at Marymount Secondary School and instead the President saluted her running mate, Sosten Gwengwe, and Uladi Mussa, the Vice President of the party in the Central region as though Kachali was not there.

Even the language of President Banda has as well been described by some as having been avoidant towards her Vice.

President Banda herself met a similar fate when she was the Vice President. She was maltreated by the then ruling party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and was eventually fired from the party before she formed her own Peoples’ Party (PP).

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