The Global accounting firm network Baker Tilly has assured Malawians that the forensic report on how public funds were plundered between April and September 2013 will not be externally influenced.

Mark Sullivan, Baker Tilly’s Director, International Development  Service said in an email.

“We should stress that our report has no and will not be externally influenced”, the statement reads in part.

Minister of Information Brown Mpinganjira downplayed fears that government officials and politicians involved in the scam would doctor the report because the British government which funded the process would also release the report in future.

“It should be understood that the British government is responsible for sponsoring the forensic audit and as such before the findings are released to Malawi government  it will first be submitted to the British government and later copied to the government of Malawi”, he said.

Mpinganjira further explained that, no government  official apart from the Auditor General has seen the report including President Joyce Banda.

British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin confirmed to have been informed of the delay of the report.      

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