The Civil Society Grand Coalition demonstrations in Blantyre have been wrapped up this morning having had attracted a few people.

The demonstrations which were meant at protesting against the government in the way it has handled some issues and forcing it to call for a Parliamentary meeting in two weeks time were attended by not more than 200 people, FaceofMalawi can disclose.

The demonstrations which were scheduled for 9 a.m. started an hour later as there was no person in sight to be carrying the petition from Kanjedza Police ground where the protestors had gathered to the City Council offices in Blantyre where it had to be presented.

The small procession then marched all the way to the designated offices while singing and carrying placards that carried their grievances.

Information minister, Brown James Mpinganjira, had earlier argued that the demonstrations were being funded by a member of the government and some other western forces with the aim of overthrowing the government of President Joyce Banda. He had, therefore, urged Malawians to stay away from the demonstrations.

On social network, most Malawians had as well expressed their reservations with the demonstrations arguing that it is prudent to just wait for May 20.

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