Former air Malawi chief executive officer Jimmy Korea Mpatsa has described Malawian airlines’ flights launch as below expectations and not promising.
The company commenced operations on 31st January after its initial plan to inaugurate the flights was cancelled on January 30th.
Mpatsa, one of the successful business magnets, and a former air Malawi boss once expressed interest to venture into aviation industry.
And speaking in an interview, he said it is worrisome that the new company has already started canceling flights, which is not a promising beginning.
“I would say the company hasn’t started well, I expected it to start with a well organized set up without flights cancellation that could earn it trust from passengers.
“However, I’m worried that the new flag carrier would have avoided what costed air Malawi, and in this case flight cancellations.
“You know, they already have stiff competition from South African airways and Kenyan airlines which means they need to offer first class service to attract the travelers.” Mpatsa said.
Commenting on whether he is interested to invest in the new airliner as he initially expressed, Mpatsa declined to confirm interest.
He said his interest did no longer stay, -as he simply forgot tips and vital information of aviation business management.
“Yes I was interested in this business but it was some many year ago when I had a lot of knowledge on aviation, but you know I have been not close to it anymore and I am not readily available for such investment.”
Announcing air Malawi privatization last year, the Public Private Partnership Commission PPPC’s Chief executive Officer Jimmy Lipunga said Ethiopian airlines will get 49% share-holding with Malawi government initially holding 51% – later, 31% to be diluted to locals after an year.
The new aircraft company finally got an Aviation Operation certificate during the first week of January and its plane started flying on 31st.
However, the company which had planned to launch with two aircrafts, did not for weeks, as the partner Ethiopian airlines awaits for traffic to increase before releasing its -Boeing 737-800.

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