Hours after alleging that there are western countries agitating for a demonstration so that they see a regime change, Information minister and government spokesperson, Evangelist Brown Mpinganjira, was forced to come to the media again. This time around with a clarification.

In a brief statement, Mpinganjira wrote to dispel what one online newspaper had written that he had alleged that Britain and the US were the foreign powers that were behind the demonstrations and with an eventual aim of having the regime toppled.

Yesterday, Mpinganjira went to town announcing that the government was aware of the fact that there were some foreign powers that were funding the demonstrations and eventually these powers were aiming to see to it that the regime was toppled. He further indicated that these same powers had seen regime changes in Egypt, Libya and Iraq (which was directly invaded by the US and Britain).

It was in an apparent inference of his statement that Mpinganjira had to be quoted as alleging that the two were the ones plotting to have the government overthrown through demonstrations.

However, Mpinganjira has indicated that hew never referred to the two countries even though he remained upbeat about his accusations of a foreign power he could not name.

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