A legal analyst has challenged Malawi’s media practioners and the public to push for changes would enable people in the country to follow court proceedings especially high level cases.  

The development comes as people around the World are able to follow the Oscar Pistorious trial currently taking place in South Africa.

University of Malawi  Chancellor College, associate professor of law Edge Kanyongolo, said by letting the media provide a live coverage of such trials people would be able to fully appreciate how the legal systems work.

Kanyongolo further said time has come for people in Malawi to critically consider pushing for legal changes which would allow high level cases be beamed live, which would also promote transparency within the legal framework.

In related development, MISA Malawi chapter has commended the South African Courts adding the local media would also lobby relevant  legal authorities to allow such coverage of various high level cases.

Pistorious whose case is beamed live in South Africa is accused to have murdered his girl friend Reeva Steencamp

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