The Ministry of Education has said come September next academic year pupils from Standard 1 will have to be taught all subjects in English except Chichewa.

Minister of Education Dr Lucious Kanyumba said this is in line with a new Education Act which will see pupils being taught in English right away from Standard 1, in an attempt to improve English speaking as well as grammar.

“The new Education Act mandates pupils to be taught in English right away from standard one. Therefore, come the next academic year, pupils will learn all the subjects in English except Chichewa,” he said.

The Education Minister said the move is aiming at improving English speaking as well as grammar for the learners.

“It is the wish of government to see most of the pupils speak and write good English while at primary level. English speaking has been a problem to our pupils even those who completed secondary school education,” Kanyumba explained.

Executive Director for Civil Society Coalition for Quality Education (CSCQE) Benedicto Kondowe has hailed the arrangement.

Kondowe said people have been asking Government to revert to the system in question as he blamed failure by most people to speak the queen’s language on the current system where pupils from Standard one to four are hardly taught in English.

“It is a timely decision; we have been long awaited for the same. If it is implemented, things will not be the same as regards to English speaking,” Kondowe said.

Kondowe said Malawi is lagging behind as most countries use English as medium of communication. He further challenged the ministry of education to leave to its promise.

“While we are happy with that, the ministry should put it into practice come next academic year. Sometimes, government can just make a promise in the end failing to fulfill it,” Kondowe said.

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