The CCAP Church of the Nkhoma Synod on Sunday released a pastoral letter, tipping its followers on qualities of a good leader ahead of the May 20 elections.

The pastoral letter, dubbed Renewal and Regeneration of our nation: A Call for Church Responsibility, was read in all churches under Nkhoma Synod.

Nkhoma Synod through its letter, said 2014 is a special year in a number of ways.

The church said while it is celebrating 125 years of existence and 52 years of autonomy from Dutch Reformed Church, the nation is celebrating 50 years of independence.

“Therefore, we see it as timely and necessary that we reflect together on some issues that continue to affect us”, reads the pastoral letter.

According to the pastoral letter, although the country has made some strides, there are what CCAP Nkhoma Synod has called “emerging” challenges that are causing stagnation and decay of these achievements.

The letter cited the plundering of resources at Capitol Hill dubbed cash gate as one of the stumbling blocks to national development.

The Church also questioned the forensic audit report for not having the names of people involved in the cash gate saga.

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