High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga on Wednesday fined K10,000 each to three lawyers representing Sibonile Thawani in a Cash gate case.

Thawani is being accused of pocketing K80million from government without supplying any goods or services.

The defense  lawyers were fined for improper dressing  during the court hearing.

The high court Judge asked one of the defense team: ” Are you one of the defense team?”.

One of the defense lawyer Chancy Gondwe answered, agreeing with the Judge.

Upon hearing the answer Kamanga was left with no option but to fine them K10,000 each.

The lead defense told a local newspaper after the hearing that  it is the custom for the counsel to be in a white shirt and lawyer’s neck tie when appearing in court.

“The custom is that we put on a white shirt and white neck tie which obviously we did not and that’s why we have been fined”, he said.

Meanwhile Thawani’s case has been adjourned to a later date.

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