Malawi President Joyce Banda has been warned that unplanned and exploding population was threatening to unravel plans by her administration to transform the economy of the country.

The warning was issued by Mathews Chikaonda, who is Chief Executive of Press Corporation and was recently appointed by the president to head one of her advisory think tanks, high level development council

His warning was given during a dinner that was hosted by President Banda for a cross section of representatives of business community at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre last night.

Malawi  already has a population  of over 15 million but each year grows rapidly, according to Chikaonda and other economists, that it want be possible to match  much what the economy is producing to meet what the people need in wages  goods and services.

President Banda however, through the warning back to Chikaonda and instructed him instead to come up with policy suggestions through the think tank that assist her administration.

Earlier, President Banda spoke of her government’s decision to involve the private sector to play a big role in widespread reforms with which she plans to transform agriculture, mining, transport, trade as well as infrastructural development for new and sustained economic growth.

With less than two months to go before the people of Malawi decide whether to support her bid for the high office, the president was faced with a crisis of confidence following recent revelations of looting of huge sums of funds by civil servants and some officials of the ruling People’s Party.

She said the planned reforms were not a mere lip-service but a commitment by her administration over the next five years to improve the micro-and macro economy  as well as transformation of industries, transport , dry ports, mining, agriculture, and how to do biz in Malawi.

The President’s remarks were the clearly confirmation so far of the role of the private sector as the engine that z needed to drive the economy forward.

President Banda bad was sworn into office in April 2012 following the sudden death of president Bingu wa Mutharika.

She was Mutharika’s Vice President.

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