A sudden spate of fires is causing public alarm and official concern in Blantyre.

So far there has been no loss of lives, but the fires have cost losses to goods and buildings that are running into millions of Kwacha.

In a space of a year, the fire have burnt down Blantyre flea market,  Bakers Pride warehouse, ESCOM headquarters building followed by the Farmers Organisation warehouse to Ori cooking oil refining company.

The latest building to go up in flames today was Keza building in Blantyre. About five students of Maranatha Private Acadamy, which is housed in the building, were injured.

The question on the minds of the public is why there is this sudden outbreak of infernos in the commercial capital.

Detective Henry Sifa of Sochi police ruled out foul play in the infernos,

City council authorities and players in the insurance industry were not available for comment on the issues.

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