The renown comedian Michael  Usi, will this Sunday  6 April be on stage again not to perform as he is known for    but to deliver a public lecture scheduled to take place at Cross roads hotel in Lilongwe under the theme ‘Good Governance’.

According to Usi, the public lecture will not target any political party in the country.

The Public lecture which is free of charge will base  on issues from the colonial rule to present time.

“The main objective  is for Malawians to reflect  what  they have gained and lost since Independence. Let me put it straight that forward here that I am not targeting any politician. I will articulate issues that face Malawians in a constructive manner”, said Usi.

Usi emphasized that, he will articulate issues without fear or favour.

“Since Malawi got independent in 1964 and what do we have in our hands that we can show the World of being dependence”, he said.

This is the second lecture for the renown comedian.

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