British government has said it remains its wish to see  the government of Malawi graduating from aid to trade especially now that the country will be celebrating 50 years of independence.

Deputy British High Commissioner to Malawi, Mr. Kirk Hollingsworth said this  on Thursday  in an interview with a local radio station.

 “A good donor is the one with an exit strategy and we would like to see Malawi standing on its feet. We would like to see Malawi graduate from aid to trade and to become a sustainable and enviable trading nation,” said Hollingsworth.

The call comes barely few days after the government of Malawi through Minister of Finance announced that it is implementing Zero-aid budget due to donors withholding of aid to Malawi.

The EU is with-holding budgetary aid amounting to about 19 million to Malawi.

This kind of budget was first introduced by DPP regime in 2011/2012 which saw the introduction of punitive tax on various product to sustain its operation.

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