The ruling People’s Party (PP) has expressed discontent over the act of Malawi’s Vice President Khumbo Kachali who instead of campaigning for the party is busy campaigning for his Parliamentary seat in Mzimba.

“The issue of the vice president is beyond me. However, as provincial chairman, I can confirm that he has not been attending our meetings. I don’t know why but I believe he should be in a better position to tell you. Since the president chose Honourable Gwengwe to be her running mate, his participation in party activities has changed drastically,” Said Provincial chair for the north  Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

But Kachali was quoted in one of the daily papers in the Week as saying:

“Why should I be campaigning for others when I am also a candidate? We are in campaign time. I cannot leave campaigning here to attend rallies. Do you know where I am at the moment? I am in the constituency campaigning.

 Kachali said only running mates and presidential candidates have to be in every district or constituency campaigning because they need votes from across the country.

Ngwira, however, said as their leader in the region, Kachali should prove himself that he is capable of leading them.


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