Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM) has disclosed its plains to hold nationwide strikes on the 12 May to protest against the hike  of minibus premiums from K221,000 to K490,000 by Insurance companies in the country.

MOAM chairman Christopher Chisesele made the revelations during a press briefing held recently in Lilongwe where he said minibuses will be packed until their concerns are addressed.

“Government enforces on insurance yet the premium charges are not regulated, it doesn’t make sense. In other countries, governments regulate charging of premiums,”  he said.

He further said their appeal for government intervention has proved futile as the government has not shown any commitment on the matter.

Face of Malawi’s effort to talk to the responsible authorities on the matter proved futile.

Meanwhile it is yet to be seen if the strike will be fruitful as the first kind of the strike in 2006 flopped.

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