United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi has accused the Afrobarometer whose opinion poll placed him on a distant fourth of being corrupt.

Speaking to the press at Mount Soche hotel, Muluzi indicated that opinion polls were made by corrupt officials who favoured those who paid them.

Without mentioning any names Muluzi hinted that the DPP had paid the Afrobarometer to place Mutharika as the forecast winner of the May 20 polls on the seat of President.

So far in all the polls that have been released Muluzi has maintained his fourth position but Muluzi claimed that this did not worry him at all as his information indicated otherwise.

“I have information and that information assures me that I am not on position four, all these polls are biased. People pay for them, I am smart to do that,” said Muluzi.

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