The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has dismissed reports that indicated that Malawi Defence Forces officers had already voted and the votes had been counted.

A statement from the Commission has indicated that there is no group of people that is given a prior day of voting but all people vote on the same day only that some vote earlier than others on the day and they include the MDF officials and police officers.

Reports on social media had indicated that MDF officers had voted already and the results had shown President Banda to have lost while DPP leader, Peter Mutharika, had taken a lead.

The rumours went further to have indicated that the MDF officials had gone ahead to warn Banda to not think of rigging as they were not ready to stand by her if trouble arose.

Malawians have long held the notion that the Malawi Electoral Commission lets MDF officers cast an early vote and it is counted earlier than all the others. MEC has however come in to dismiss this.

MEC has further called upon those spreading these stories to stop with an immediate effect.

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