The battle between the country’s Vice President Khumbo Hastings Kachali and President Joyce Banda has taken a new twist following the direct by Kachali demanding the state House to immediately stop cutting his salary by 30 percent.

 The two made the commitment of cutting their salaries by 30 percent as one way of austerity measures starting from September 2012.

 Kachali also demand the immediate  refund of the money cut during this period of the agreement which is totaled to K5.4 Million.

 In a memo dated, March 14, 2014 which Face of Malawi has in possession, from the office of the Vice President Ref. No. OVP/C/ADM/1, addressed to the Director General, State House, attention: a Mr. Chipaso, titled ‘Claim of 30% salary deduction ; Kachali claimed:

 “I write to claim for a refund on behalf of His Honour’s, the vice President Khumbo Hastings Kachali following the 30% salary reductions which were being effected from his Houner’s salary”, reads the memo in part signed by Mr Paul Chiunguzeni.

 The memo also hinted that Kachali want the money donated to the Charity of his own choice.

 Kachali’s call comes barely four days after endorsing DPP Presidential torchbearer Peter Mutharika in the forthcoming tripartite election.

Meanwhile the Press Secretary to the State House,  Steve Nlhane has confirmed receiving the memo and he has said that Kachali’s money from salary cut has been refunded.

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