In a bid to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, the Malawi Electoral Commission has set up a Complaints Handling Unit to speed up all electoral complaints in the on-going Tripartite Elections. The Complaints Handling Unit will provide impartial, objective and efficient complaints processing procedure for the Malawi Electoral Commission. The procedure will be fulfilling one of MEC’s duties to give a clear response to voters’ enquiries in order to ensure a transparent process.
The Complaints Handling Unit is situated within Malawi Electoral Commission Headquarters in Blantyre.
Any person (i.e. registered voter, party agent, political party, presidential/parliamentary/councillor candidate or his/her representatives) who, during the electoral process, witnesses an apparent violation of the Constitution, electoral laws or codes of conducts, has the right to submit a complaint to the Complaints Handling Unit.
If the event happens during polling or counting at the polling centre, any voter has the right to lodge a complaint to the Polling Officials at the Polling Station.
A person submitting a complaint to the Complaints Handling Unit should provide the following information:
a) Name, Address and Telephone number(s) of the Complainant. If the person requests that his/her identity remains confidential, MEC will not reveal the identity without his or her consent.
b) Place where the event occurred (if the event took place in a polling station, the number and the code need to be specified);
c) Date(s) and the Time of the event;
d) Name(s) address and Telephone Number(s) of other people involved;
e) The accusation and the description of the event;
f) Evidence of the allegation;
The Commission will make its determination on the complaint which will be communicated back to the Complainant.
MEC strongly encourages that all complaints lodged should be in writing and that those who are not able to write should seek assistance to submit a written complaint.
The complaints can be sent to the following addresses:
The Malawi Electoral Commission Head Office Private Bag 113 Blantyre
Telephone: 0111 743 327; 0111 744 374; 0111 742 874; 0111 744 073; 0111 746 619; 0111 745 273; 0111 744 365; 0111 743 263
The Complaints Handling Unit ensures the general public that all complaints submitted to it will be dealt with in the highest standards of impartiality and objectiveness whilst safeguarding the voters’ interest. All stakeholders are encouraged to forward all their complaints to this Unit.

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